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Pentecost Power "Power does not belong to the enemy." -Pastor Burns

The keys An Expose of Power, An Experience of Power.

Welcome to New Dimensions Christian Center!
Our Destiny is helping you Unlock your Destiny.

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Relationship with Christ Invite Chrst into your life today, if you haven't done so already.

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Fellowship in the Church For membership, complete a card at the information desk and attend membership classes.

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Discipleship in Christ likeness Wednesday Bible Study at 7 p.m. for deeper understanding of God's Word.

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Stewardship in Commitment For involved membership sign up for Ministry Placement Interviews at the information desk.

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Leadership in Calling Over 300 leaders are here to care for you and help unlock your destiny.

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May 23

NDCC Visits Mt. Carmel Ministries

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Pastor Burns will be the guest speaker at Mt. Carmel Ministries' convocation service. New Dimensions will be taking two buses to Hattisburg, MS to show support for Rev. Kenneth E. Fairley and Mt. Carmel Ministries.